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Sports betting types explained

For people who are new to sports betting, it might seem difficult to understand because of the various types that are available. For ease of understanding, it is important that an explanation of the types of sports betting is given for first time players to make the experience more enjoyable.

Fixed Odds Sports Betting
Fixed Odds Sports Betting is the most common form of betting and this type of betting means that players bet on the odds of an event occurring. For example, in a game of Football between Chelsea FC and Mamelodi Sundowns, the odds of Chelsea losing the game could be 50/1. This means that the odds of Chelsea losing the game is highly unlikely due to the quality of both teams. If the player places a wager on Chelsea losing the match based on the odds, then the win gets the player a lot of money.

In Play/Live Betting
The In Play/Live Betting is also a form of Fixed Odds Betting. However, the difference in this case is that the players bet on the events after they have started. For example, in a football game, there can be options such as the first team to concede a throw in, corner kick or a foul and players can place wagers on these things occurring during the game.

Cashing Out
The Cashing Out type of sports betting is relatively new but has become immensely popular amongst punters right now. This gives players the opportunity of winning on their bets even before the game ends as they can cash out at anytime in the game. For example, if in a football game between Leeds Utd and Real Madrid, the punter has placed a bet on Leeds Utd winning the game and it is just the first half and Leeds Utd are currently winning, the player is given the opportunity to cash out while his team is still winning, rather than waiting till the end of the game which carries a lot of risk as Leeds Utd could end up losing the game.