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Negative progression betting

Luck does not come knocking on the punters’ doors every now and then. It might appear once in a blue moon. Nevertheless, there are some bettors who get lucky most of the time. But, a good number of them are not. So, what negative progression betting means is that punters are at times tempted to bet even more to recover what they have lost.

The word ‘progression’ means a constant and consecutive increment of funds to stake with after a series of losses. For instance, a punter might lose €20 in the first bet. The next move will be to spend €40 in order to recover from the loss. This system is called the Martingale system whereby the punters double their bets after the loss. This system has been known to make the punters go broke within a very short time after joining their favourite online gambling operators.

A word of advice to all punters, it is never a good idea to chase the losses at all cost. In fact, by doing that, the punter might get frustrated even more because of more loss that he/she might encounter while trying to recover what they had earlier on lost. Even then, there are some punters who adopt this kind of betting and still recover from the loss. But, it is a very few people who
can do that.

The best medicine for avoiding this kind of bets from happening is by having a budget for betting. That budget should reflect the total amount that the punter will spend on betting without having to regret why a huge amount was spent on betting. It is very important for them to stick to that budget even if they may get tempted along the way. Actually, temptations can never be ruled out at all.