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How to bet on Snooker

To begin with, it is just in order to understand what this sporting event means since most people are clueless about it. This is a game that is very similar to the pool table game in so many ways except that the cues of this game are made up of three colours only; red, white, and blue. The white cue is used to deposit the other cues to the billiard. The pool, on the other hand, has more than three colours in its cues though those cues get deposited using through the same billiards as those of snooker.
There are betting opportunities resulting from this game. Those opportunities are the outright market snooker, snooker frame handicap, and 1×2 snooker.

Snooker frame handicap

This does not come as a surprise to many but there are individuals in this world who are better than others when it comes to playing it. The same thing happens with snooker game. So, to counter that, one of the players has to or is topped up with some few points such that they appear to be ahead of its opponents at the start of the game. But, what determines which punter wins that bet is the end result of the game after the combination of the real points and the awarded points or cues. From there, whoever wins the bet will have won it fair and square.

1×2 snooker bet
One can easily deduce what this means since it is common and the simplest bet in any snooker bet. It means that a punter will only have to choose the player that will win the game from between the two.

The outright market
Then there is this last type of bet that one can find under the snooker bet options. This allows the punter to predict the player who will win the snooker game in the near future.