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How to bet on Golf

When someone decides to bet on golf events, he/she has to note that the golfers do stand almost equal chances of winning the match or tournament. And then again, the game is normally played by so many players, unlike other sports events. It is not a surprise to find over 100 professional golfers competing in a single tournament. The same cannot be said for other sports events unless it is athletics such as 21 km or 42 km marathon.
There are some few betting types that a punter can choose to use. They are:

Match bets
What this means is that a punter places a bet on a group that he/she thinks will produce a golfer who will score the lowest points in that group. Actually, most golfers do play in groups of two or three. That is basically how this kind of bet works.

Each way
So, with this bet, a punter has to place a bet on an individual to win the tournament and the other golfer from the same group has to finish in the first five positions once the tournament ends. It is considered a 2-way bet. Hence, in case only one of the two options becomes TRUE, the whole bet becomes null. This means that both bets have to be TRUE for that punter to win the whole bet.

Outright winner
Here, a punter is expected to choose wisely the golfer whom that punter thinks will win the tournament. This is normally the hardest bet in golfing especially if there is no known superstar amongst the golfers. The odds for this bet are extremely high because anyone can win the tournament. It is not a surprise to find some golfer who is ranked at the 100+ position to win the tournament.