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Football betting types explained

In sports betting, there are various types of football betting which avid football fans have the chance to place bets on. Some of these types of football betting would be looked at and explained briefly.

1X2 Betting 
This is one of the most common type of football betting and equally easy to understand. For players to win, the full time result would have to be predicted correctly. For example, in a game between Manchester City v Arsenal, for the player to win in this type of bet, the correct score has to be predicted based on the odds which could be Manchester City to win (14/2), Arsenal to win (1/4) or for both teams to play a draw (6/1).

Double Chance 
This is a bit similar to the 1×2 betting as they player has the opportunity of picking from two outcomes in a game. For punters placing bets on this type of footballing bet, it means there’s a possibility of getting more money from their bets. For example, in a football game between Chelsea and Tottenham Hotspurs, the double chance could be Chelsea and Draw (8/15), Tottenham Hotspurs and Draw (2/5) and Chelsea and Tottenham Hotspurs (4/11). In a double chance betting, the punter stands the chance of winning in the event of any of the two possible outcomes of the three available.

Draw No Bet 
In the Draw no Bet football betting, the outcome of a draw is eliminated from the potential options players can bet on. What happens is that in this type of football bet, if the game ends without a winner, then the stake will be returned to the punter. For example, in a football game between Real Madrid and Barcelona at Camp Nou and the Draw no Bet odds are Real Madrid (1/6) and Barcelona (4/1). In case the game ends in a draw, the bookmaker will refund your stake.