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Betting stakes explained

For professional punters, there are some few things that one needs to know. One of them is how to interpret the odds when they see them in their favourite online bookies’ websites. Normally, most bookies do display their odds in one of the following three types.

Decimal odds

Decimal odds is pretty straight forward. What happens here is that whenever a punter sees any odds, that punter ought to multiply the odds with the amount of fund that he/she intends to stake. Whatever results they find, should reflect the total amount of funds that punter will get in case the bet goes as planned. Here are how the odds look like and how they work.

Both teams to score
Yes (1.81) No (1.78)

Thus, in case the bettor opts to spend €50 on the ‘Yes’ option, the total amount that he/she will get from there will be (1.81*50) = €90.5; as simple as that!

Fractional odds

This is the most preferred Europe’s way of displaying odds. That is why it is also called European odds. So, how this works is very simple. Take for instance, a match between Manchester United FC and Tottenham Hotspurs FC are as follows, 3/5 for the Manchester side to win. It means that a punter who decides to place his/her stake with Man Utd, he will have to stake €5 in order to get €3 in return. Thus, in total, the punter will get €8 inclusive of the original stake.

American odds

It is the most complex type of odd. A few bettors only understand how this works. Anyway, the odds look something like +200 or –150. A positive odd means how much an individual will make when he/she places a stake of €100 while negative odds show how much someone will have to spend in order to receive a profit of €100 in return.