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How to bet on Horse Racing

Many punters are used to betting on either football and basketball or just football only. So, when they are told to place their bets on horse racing, they may panic or just say no. Horse racing is one of the best sports events that one can ever bet on and if it wasn’t, it won’t be in many of the top bookmakers as the sports to bet on.

No one here should be worried even a little bit since below are some few steps that have been outlined to help the punters know one or two things to deal with horse race betting.

Now, this is how it goes; there are some basic bets that a punter can choose to go with. They are three of them namely: Win, Place and Show.

A win means that a horse that has been chosen by the punter to win and needs to come first in order for that punter to win the bet.

Place means that a punter chooses only one horse to either win the race or become runners up. If the horse secures either the first or the second position, a punter will win something from the bet.

What this means is that the horse than has been chosen to win the race can either come first, second or third in the race and still win something for the punter who placed a bet on them.

There are other types of bets that work with the horse racing. They are called single race exotic bets and multi-race exotic bets. Exacta, a type of single race bet, means that the two horses that have been chosen by the punter to be number one and two in the race must do that exactly in order for the punter to win the bet.