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Mobile Betting In New Zealand

In New Zealand, there are several forms of betting which are permissible due to the interest people have in several sports. The online betting landscape in New Zealand goes beyond the traditional British sports which most people will associate it with due to its British Heritage such as Rugby union, Rugby league, Cricket, Football (soccer), Netball, Horse and Greyhound racing. Nevertheless, there are many more sports which are also keenly followed by New Zealanders within and outside New Zealand.

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Mobile Deposit Bonuses

New Zealand Bookmakers offer great bonuses to punters especially when they make deposits through their mobile phones. This is the case with the top bookmakers in New Zealand and shouldn’t be surprising as most top bookmakers all over the world do the same thing. Bookmakers like Betfair award its customers who register through the Betfair mobile app is €30 as free bets when they stake €10 on their first bets.

Bookmaker Bonuses in New Zealand

Most bookmakers in New Zealand offer so many punters in New Zealand and this is obtainable in most parts of the globe where there’s a thriving sports betting industry. Some of the bonuses which the bookmakers in New Zealand offer are:

Welcome Deposit Bonuses

This is an important bonus which every bookmaker needs to offer punters and bookmakers in New Zealand have not been left out of the picture. Welcome Deposit bonuses have been offered by bookmakers in New Zealand and this means that punters stand the chance of getting up to 30 x more from their bet depending on how much is deposited in the account.
A way in which this bonus can work is when a bookmaker like Betfair offers punters a welcome deposit bonus of up to €50 and the bettor is awarded with 300% on that amount.

Sunday Racing Special

According to Crownbet sportsbook, this offer mostly benefits those punters who like to bet on horse racing sports events. This offer awards the bettor up to €50 in bonus bets in case the horse that had been bet on comes 2nd or 3rd in the first two rounds of the race. If that is not the case, then that offer will not be applicable and the bettor won’t have any right to complain about the offer.

Mobile Bonus

This should not come as a surprise especially for those punters who have been using their mobile phones to place their bets. There are some top bookies in New Zealand that offer their clients the mobile bonus in case those clients use their mobile devices to place bets or register their selves using those smartphones. For instance, Betfair bookie awards its customers who register using the Betfair mobile app, €30 as free bets when they stake €10 on their first bets.
2 Clear
This is another great sporting bonus that William Hills’ New Zealand gamblers get to enjoy in case they are interested in it. What happens here is that a punter is awarded 15% free bet bonus that is added to the winnings in case the horse that the gambler backs wins the race by two or more lengths. However, the bonus for players is limited to €100 as anything beyond that won’t attract any bonus. This bonus can be placed using a Mobile phone app, text, retail, or via the internet (desktop).
One of the conditions for this bonus is that the participants of the race must not be less than 6. The other condition is that a bet that is placed using the free bet token will not count at all.
Fair Go Refunds
Crownbet also offers such a bonus to its customers. What this means is that a bettor gets refunded accordingly in case an unfair decision is made that actually messed up everything to deal with the bets that they had made. An example is a situation whereby the referee of the game unfairly sends off a football player and yet again awards the penalty to the opponents. If the bettor loses that bet because of poor officiating by the referee, its bookmaker has a way of refunding the unlucky bettor some amount. The controversies that this bonus sorts to solve could also be those affecting horse racing events or rugby matches. This is one of the things that this bookie’s customers like about their bookmaker.

No deposit bonus

Yes, it is possible for a bookmaker in New Zealand to offer its clients such a bonus. The deal is so intriguing but, the punters need to take heed on this offer as it comes with its restrictions too. Such restrictions could be minimum odds required to place a bet with them, the wagering requirements of this feature could go up to 50x multiplier meaning that the gambler will not be able to cash out any winnings from this bonus until a certain threshold is met.

Refer a friend

There are some bookies that award bonuses or promotions to their customers when they invite their friends or families to join that bookie. The customer who referred his/her friend to join that bookie will only get awarded some bonuses (which could be in cash money or free bets) only if the referred bettors make some deposits after registering their selves.

One such bookie is Unibet. In this bookie, a customer/punter who invites his/her friends to register their selves and bet with Unibet gets a bonus of €40 per referral. In case the referee invites up to 3 friends, then that person stands a chance of being awarded €120 in cash. Nevertheless, the referee could get up to a maximum of €200 in cash meaning that he/she can invite not more than 5 friends. Other bookies could award its customers free bets.

Best Free Bets

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Live Streaming on Mobile

Live streaming through a mobile device has been offered by many bookies in New Zealand and is applicable in several jurisdictions where these bookies also serve punters. Some of the bookies that offer live streaming via mobile devices are:
Major Sports in New Zealand
For punters who are interested in betting in New Zealand, then these are the sports which one should consider above all others due to their popularity and how they appeal to people in New Zealand. Some of these sports are:

Australian Football
The Australian League, also known as the A-League enjoys wide coverage and support amongst New Zealand and Australia as they attract a lot of betting. For punters, the world cup is the largest sporting event in football and any Kiwi would love to place bets on such games even after the A-League is out of action.

Cricket is most likely on game which most New Zealanders are passionate about and has a large following too. In games such as the ashes and the rivalry which exists against England, this is one game players always have to bet on to make maximum cash.

For Kiwis, this is one game which is really loved; especially due to their closeness to Australia and the Australian Open which is one of the major grand slams which take place each and every year.
The punter in New Zealand look forward to this time of the year as the opportunity to place wagers on major online betting sites and the various options which they offer such as live ‘in-play’ betting just to make the betting experience much more interesting.

Horse Racing
Horse Racing is one of the major sporting events which also attracts a lot of attention in New Zealand and events such as the New Zealand Cup draws massive crowds each year with the best horses on display.

New Zealand Bookmakers

In New Zealand, the New Zealand Racing Board has a monopoly and does not permit foreign companies and international operators to function in New Zealand. Regardless, this does not mean that foreign games which New Zealander have interest in can’t be bet on as the bookmakers can operate under several jurisdictions which are accessible to New Zealand and offer international sports such as NBA, NFL, Golf, Cycling, Tennis etc.
Some of the top bookmakers who have access to the New Zealand market are:

William Hill
William Hill is one of the oldest bookmakers in the world and has in its stables, some of the most interesting games New Zealanders stand the chance to enjoy. Some of the events which it has to offer New Zealand include Cycling, Motorsport, Soccer, Basketball, Volleyball, Handball, Politics, Mixed Martial Arts, Darts, Rugby, Boxing, and TV Shows.

Bet365 is a very famous bookmaker in New Zealand and is rated 3 out of 5 amongst the list of bookmakers in New Zealand and also has 14.3% of New Zealanders that choose it as their preferred bookmaker, making it the most popular bookmaker in New Zealand. With numerous games being offered by this punter, there’s no reason to argue why it occupies the top spot for the most cherished bookmaker with sports such as Super Ruby, the ANZ Championship for Netball, Football Championship (Soccer), ITM Cup, Cricket (Heartland Championship), Basketball like the National Basketball League (NBL), Tennis, Golf and many other sporting competitions which hold in New Zealand are also offered by Bet 365.

Ladbrokes is one of the biggest bookmakers in New Zealand but hasn’t been listed as one of the top 10 bookmakers in New Zealand. Nevertheless, it is a big name in betting as Ladbrokes has been in existence for a long time. For punters in New Zealand, Ladbrokes has many sporting events which can be bet on such as Soccer, Rugby League, Volleyball, Basketball League, New Zealand Football League, TV Shows, Baseball, Boxing, Darts, Motorcycling, Snooker and a few more. For people who are also interested in politics, Ladbrokes offers this to punters as well.

Pinnacle mobile bookie is the second largest bookie in New Zealand with 8.6 % of bettors in New Zealand using this bookie. It has numerous sporting betting options which players can enjoy such as Aussie Rules, Baseball, Basketball, Boxing, Darts, eSports, Football, Mixed Martial Arts, Rugby League, Rugby Union, Soccer, Tennis and Volleyball. Also, it has a category of games on its website which is classifies as specials which players can also bet on such as Athletics, Aussie Rules, Basketball, Crossfit, Entertainment, eSports, Football, Formula 1, Rugby League, Soccer and

This is another familiar New Zealand mobile bookmaker with very great features. It has Betfair 5.7% of bettors in the New Zealand betting market and is ranked amongst the top 5 bookmakers in New Zealand.

It is another legitimate mobile sportsbook in Australia and New Zealand that the bettors from those regions can comfortably register with it and expect to get an unforgettable great experience. One of the great features that this mobile bookie boasts include the ability to make payments from the smartphones using PayPal, Poli, BPay, Visa Card, and Mastercard payment gateways by just making some few clicks on the App.

Mobile Betting

Most top bookmakers all over the world offer mobile betting to make betting on the go easy for players. This is the same amongst the bookmakers in New Zealand and several of them offer mobile betting which makes it easy for punters in New Zealand to bet on the go which can be done with their Android and iPhone smartphones. Also, some of these bookies have developed apps which also make mobile betting easy.
Some of these bookmakers are:

Bet 365
Bet 365 is one of the bookmakers that offer mobile betting and this has been done by the app they designed to make it easier for players in New Zealand who have no access to their computers. As mobile phones have become more popular and accessible, punters in New Zealand can bet anytime of the day in their own convenience.
William Hill
William Hill offers punters in New Zealand the prospect of mobile betting through their mobile devices across several sporting events like Cycling, Motorsport, Soccer, Basketball, Volleyball, Handball, Politics, Mixed Martial Arts, Darts, Rugby, Boxing, and TV Shows. It has this wide sports offering because of its place as one of the leading bookmakers. Also, it has a live or in-play betting feature which New Zealand punters can actively enjoy and participate in.

Betfair through its mobile app offers punters the option of betting through its app which is available across Android, iPhone, Windows and iPad. It also has bonuses which first time users can benefit from when they download the app and make deposits through the app.

Sports Betting Systems – Odds

In New Zealand, there are several odds which punters need to be familiar with since these odds are the sports betting systems which are obtainable in New Zealand. What odds means in sports betting is the probability that a punter will win the bet that has been placed.
For example, if a punter places a bet in Horse Racing on a horse called Baxter to win and the odds are 10/1, and if the punter wins the bet, then the winnings will be determined by the wager placed on the horse to win the race.
There are mainly four kinds of odds systems in sports betting: Decimal, Fractional, and American Odds Betting Systems.

Fractional Odds

In sports betting, fractional odds are usually expressed in letters such as a/b, or a-b format. In this case, a is the return/win and b is the stake. For example, when betting when this kind of odds is used, the punter can have odds such as 5-1 which will mean that the punter will stand the chance of having a return or a win of 5 unites for every single for every single unit which has been staked.
This can be expressed thus:
Winnings = odds x stake + stake.
For example, if a punter places a bet of €150 on the odds which have been expressed above i.e. 4-1, then the winnings of the punter will be 4/1 x 150+150 = €150.
When punters in New Zealand bet on fractional odds, there are also other odds which go by the name Odds on Favourite. This simply means that these odds are for an outcome which has a high probability of happening. In this kind of odds, the return which the punter gets will be lower than the stake by the bookmaker. For example, this can be expressed thus:
3-6 (may be expressed as 6-3 ON)
What this means is that for every 6 units that has been staked by the punter, the punter can win 3 units. The winnings will be calculated as expressed below:
This means for every 8 units you stake you win 2 units. The winnings are calculated the same way as before however. So you would win:
3/6 x 150 + 150 = €225

Decimal Odds
Decimal odds are very easy to understand as they have a clear and straightforward way of being expressed. These odds are expressed as ‘payout per unit staked’. This can be expressed thus:
4.50, 5.50, 6.50 etc. For example, odds of 4.50 means that a punter in New Zealand who places a bet on any sport will get a payout of 4.50 per €150 that has been staked. The winnings of the punter will then be €650 (4.50 x €150).

American Odds
American odds are expressed as a ‘‘moneyline’’ and is usually shown with either a negative (-) or positive (+) sign in front of it. For punters in New Zealand, this is important to note so that when betting, the type of odds in the bet as set by the bookmaker is clear. This type of odds is shown when one contender in a game is the underdog and the other is the favourite.

For example, in a football game between Chelsea FC v Sunderland FC, during the game if Chelsea is leading by 3 goals to nil against Sunderland, the positive (+) figure will represent who the favourites in the game will be and how much a punter will win per wager of let’s say €150 and the negative (-) figure will represent who the underdogs in the game will be and how much a punter will win per wager of let’s say €150.

Percentage Odds
Percentage odds are expressed in percentages such as 50%, 78% or 67%. This type of odds is popular in casino games but it is also used by some sports books when sports betting is done. How this works is that the closest the bettor’s payout is to 100%, the higher the chance of the bettor winning the bet.
Sports Betting Tips and Strategies for New Zealand Punters
For any New Zealand bettor who wants to engage in sports betting, it is important to employ the right strategies and tips to ensure that the betting is successful. Despite the fact that these strategies do not always guarantee a win for the punter, it will definitely help in minimising the losses as long as the punter is disciplined. Some of the strategies that one has to bear in mind are:

Choosing the Right sports to Bet On
It is important for a punter to choose the right sports to bet on. One might wonder what the right sports to bet on is for a punter. The right sport for a punter to bet on is one the punter is very comfortable betting on and also has a good knowledge about. For a punter in New Zealand, stereotypically, it’ll be better to choose games such as cricket or rugby. However, this does not mean that punters from New Zealand are clueless on other sports and if a punter knows a sport fairly well, then it will be fine to place a bet on such sport.

Keep Emotions in Check
For punters in New Zealand, being on a winning or losing streak when betting can be quite risky as the streak can end right before it begins. For punters on a winning streak, it is advisable to end the sports bet and come back another time so as not to get into it so much and end of losing. On the other hand, punters who are on a losing streak also have to stop at some point and avoid the temptation to redeem a loss with a new bet.

Money Management
This is absolutely crucial for a punter in any part of the world betting on any sport. It is ideal to have money on the side which the punter can afford to lose on a bet or money budgeted for the entire bet. For example, a punter in New Zealand with €150 can decided to use this amount on three different sports such as Golf, Football and Rugby, splitting the money in three parts meaning the punter will bet €50 on each sport.

Choose a Good Sports Betting Site
There are several sporting sites which offer services as bookmakers in New Zealand and for the punter, it is ideal that the best site is chosen; especially sites which can offer signing up bonuses or bonuses such as Welcome Deposit Bonuses, Mobile Bonus, Fair Go Refunds and Refer a friend.

Use Multiple Betting Sites
Just like in investment, it is important for a punter in New Zealand to use multiple betting sites such as Bet365, William Hill, Coral, Ladbrokes etc. when betting. This is because there are benefits which one betting site offers that others don’t such as the bonuses, margins and low odds. For punters who do this, it will be possible to make much more from the bets.

Keeping up with the games
For anyone interested in sports betting, it is important to keep up with the developments in the game and the rule changes. In sports like football, there have been many changes and it is always important for people interested in such betting to know the developments and not be caught off-guard when the changes come.

Listen to the experts
For punters in New Zealand who are unsure about how to bet or the sports to bet on, then it won’t be out of place to consult experts in the industry. There are many analysts who can assist punters on the sports to wager on such as greyhound racing and many other interesting sports in New Zealand.

Payment Methods for New Zealand Punters

In New Zealand, there are numerous ways via which payment can be made as has been offered by online casinos and is also obtainable in sports betting. What this offers to New Zealand punters is a safe and reliable way of depositing and withdrawing money and some of these options are from Debit and Credit Cards such as Maestro, Visa and WebWallets such as NETeller and Skrill.

Credit and Debit Card
This is the most common way of ensuring that money is withdrawn, transferred and funding of the punters account. It guarantees that the personal information of the punters are safeguarded and protected, preventing it from going to third parties.

Bank Transfer

Bank Transfer is also another option for punters who want to withdraw and deposit money through their private bank accounts. The only issue with bank transfer is the delay and time frame it might take to ensure that this is done, with some transfers probably taking 3-5days or 5-7days.

Electronic wallets (e-wallets) for short are also an easy way of funding the accounts of punters. Bookmakers such as William Hill, Sportsbet and Crownbet accept this method as well and guarantees punters ease when transferring money through a secure online account. Some of the popular e-wallets are Neteller and Skrill which have services that are available to New Zealand punters.

POLi is available to punters in New Zealand and also Australia and makes it easy for punters to transfer money via their accounts in a secure and safe way.

Winnings are Tax Free

For punters in New Zealand, when betting on any sport, tax won’t be charged on the winnings as there’s currently no taxation applied to the gambling winnings as punters can take their profit without giving any sort of tax to the government.

History of Sports Betting in New Zealand

Ever since the 19th century, Kiwi’s have been betting on sports event –most especially horse racing. The first and biggest horse race that was held was done in the Bay of Island in 1835 and later on, sports betting was banned in New Zealand due to the rally of the Protestant Church against it and there were restrictions on bookmakers and betting altogether in 1920. With the creation of the Totalisator Agency Board (TAB), it was granted the monopoly to run what was called a ‘‘pari-mutuel’’ betting at race tracks which was done through local organizations that were owned by the state governments.

From the 1950s horse racing betting was then made legal in New Zealand and as a result of the established of the Totalisator Agency Board (TAB). This was followed up by the creation of the New Zealand National Lottery in 1961 and this didn’t have much impact when it was established as some sports betting and gambling activities didn’t pick up until the 1980s.

By the 1990s, gambling began to emerge more and grew rapidly in New Zealand as the first casino opened up in 1994 and this resulted in fixed odds betting and sports betting being offered by the Totalisator Agency Board (TAB). Later, the New Zealand Racing Board took over the functions of the TAB in 2003, providing regulatory oversight in the industry to ensure responsible gambling practice and the enactment of several laws such as the Racing Act 2003, New Zealand punters can now bet on several games such as Cricket, Rugby and numerous other sports which are pique their interest.
Despite this, there’s still a monopoly which the New Zealand Racing Board has in the industry. There has been an improvement since it took over and it is safe to say that New Zealand has grown since the last time betting was illegal.

How Sports Betting Works in New Zealand
For punters to benefit from sports betting in New Zealand, the first thing that needs to be done is for these players to sign up with any of the top sportsbooks which are able to function in New Zealand. Once players have done this, key details such as name, surname, email address etc need to be inputted for ease of identification.
Once this has been done, the password for the websites of the punters choice also has to be created and after this, the New Zealand punters can start funding their betting account and bet on as many sports as possible for fun or otherwise.
Is it now legal to bet online in New Zealand?
In New Zealand, Gambling is illegal unless it has been authorised by the Gambling Act 2003. Furthermore, there are specific kinds of gambling which have also been expressly prohibited under the Gambling Act. Therefore, it is possible to say that betting in New Zealand has now become legal with some exceptions. For the bet to be considered legal, then the bettor has to place a bet with a bookie that is located overseas. This means that it is legal for punters to place bets with bookies that are either located in Europe or in Britain. For punters in New Zealand, legal protection won’t be enjoyed in New Zealand if there’s any dispute that arises as a result of placing bets.

Gambling Law & Legislation: Timeline
Gambling has become legal in New Zealand; nevertheless, it is important to take a look at some of the laws which have been created to ensure that this was the case.

1971 – The Racing Act

The Racing Act was passed in New Zealand to foster clarity in the legal system as there were many laws already in existence in New Zealand at the time regarding sports betting. One noteworthy act which this law did was the establishment of the Totalisator Agency Board (TAB), giving it monopoly over totalisator and fixed odds betting on sports like greyhound racing amongst other sporting events.

1977 – Gaming and Lotteries Act
The Gaming and Lotteries Act was passed to ensure that non-commercial organisations were permitted to run lotteries, prize competitions and games of chance in New Zealand. It also lays down the regulatory process that needs to be followed and issues such as licensing in New Zealand for such activities.

1990 – Casino Control Act
The Casino Control Act was passed for the purpose of casinos in New Zealand. This law ensured that casinos could operate privately and could also be commercialised in New Zealand. However, this was mainly due to issues such as tourism, employment and economic development in New Zealand.

2003 – Gambling Act

The Gambling Act 2003 is the main legislation that regulates gambling in New Zealand and this Act repealed the Casino Control Act 1990 and the Lotteries Act 1977. Furthermore, with the repeal of these two Acts, what the Gambling Act did was to merge these Acts into one. It also re-affirmed what sort of gambling was legal and illegal in New Zealand, classifying them and determining if they needed to be licensed or not.

Classes of Gambling in the Gambling Act
The Gambling Act classifies several gambling activities and these are:

Class 1

In this class, gambling cannot have a prize or turnover greater than $500 and only this class of gambling can be done by individuals.

Class 2

In this class, gambling must have prizes with a total value between $500 and $5,000. Also, the potential turnover cannot exceed $25,000. Also, this class of gambling does not require a license.

Class 3 and 4

In class 3 gambling, the prizes must be a value exceeding $5,000. For class 4 gambling, it is for gambling done with gambling machines. In both classes of gambling, there is a prohibition in that gambling carried out in these classes can’t be done without a license.
One thing that the Act mentions is that remote interactive gambling is prohibited and describes this as when a person gambles at a distance by interacting through a communication device. Also, one other thing the Act clarifies is that it is not illegal for anyone in New Zealand to participate in gambling over the internet as long as the website is based overseas.

For example, if someone in any city in New Zealand decides to bet on football, as long as the website is based overseas, say Bet365, then such betting activity won’t be classified as illegal.
However, advertising to citizens by the companies abroad is illegal!

2003 – Racing Act
The Racing Act was enacted for the purpose of facilitating greyhound racing and other sports events in New Zealand. It was also this Act that resulted in the creation of the New Zealand Racing Board which took over from the monopoly of the Totalisator Agency Board (TAB).